Stickers for a Cause : Women's Health

One of KALMA's core values is empowerment - we stand for the bodily autonomy, safety and freedom of choice for both the living and the dead.

For some time now, I'd planned on bringing an older design back as a sticker to fund women's healthcare. I'd originally created this image, a hybrid of the feminist symbol and the Rod of Asclepius, when changes in the healthcare laws removed dozens of illnesses that only affect assigned-female and intersex bodies from guaranteed coverage. Little did I know that the stickers I'd ordered would arrive at the end of National Women's Health Week - a week during which several states passed laws to restrict access to women's healthcare.

I know that abortion is a subject that is deeply emotional, and my own opinions are complex and personal. What I will share is that I proudly support Planned Parenthood. Because of Planned Parenthood, I received reliable, long-lasting and safe birth control that I otherwise couldn't have afforded. Because of Planned Parenthood, I never had to consider an abortion at all. Because of Planned Parenthood, I no longer am sick 10 days out of the month. Because of Planned Parenthood, my spouse and I have been able to build a financially stable and safe home that will welcome a child when we are ready.

For each sticker sold, $5 will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

If you'd like to donate to Planned Parenthood directly, please click here.

If you'd like to know other ways to donate and help, click here.

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