I've been poisoned - have you? For the last 2 years, I have been recovering from a prescription medication that poisoned my body over the course of several years. It's no surprise that poisonous things have been on my mind.

The world is full of toxic wonders. Deadly defenses. Murderous makeup. Killer cures. This season we explore the death that lurks all around us - unseen for its mundanity, overlooked for its beauty. This collection is inspired by arsenic green and lead white, poisonous plants and venomous creatures, the glow of radium and the liquid mirror of mercury, and all things toxic to the body and mind. Drink it in.

Or don't.

To me, the most interesting thing about poisons is that they are as helpful as they are hurtful. They protect plants and prey from creatures that would otherwise consume them. We live with them tucked away under our sinks in chemicals and cleaners, and in the very walls of our homes. They make us look beautiful and young. They've been used in spiritual revelation and healing since the Stone Age. Sometimes, they even heal our bodies too.

But sometimes they kill - that tenuous balance of life and death so perfectly embodied by a subtle difference in dosage, or the distinction between leaf and stem.


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