Updated: Aug 5, 2019

I was holding a vintage beaded belt and watching as the sunshine shimmered through it like sunshine shimmers on honey when the word came to me: Nectar.

Nectar - the drink of the gods.

Nectar - the sweet liquid in flowers.

Nectar - the raw source for honey.

As I often do, I quickly grabbed the dictionary for further inspiration and found that “nectar” comes from the root “nektar,” a compound of the Greek nek- (meaning "death") and -tar (meaning “to overcome”).

Nectar - the source of immortality.

For the summer theme, Nectar, we drew inspiration from the Northwest’s rhododendron blooms and peony bushes laden with blossoms, dreaded sunny days and cemetery gates, Baby Bats and Flower Children.

Nectar is a celebration of shimmering tones of citrine, peach, rose and emerald juxtaposed against lustrous black velvet and lace. Opalescence and iridescence abound. Glittering beads and gilding adorn.

Because, in the words of Lizzo, “When I’m shining everybody gonna shine.

Being a Deathling or a Darkling doesn’t have to be all earth tones and catacombs. Nectar’s aesthetic encourages playful and experimental choices; it’s about embracing life and individuality with an unabashed spirit and helping others do the same.

In celebration of the Summer Solstice, Nectar launches on Friday, June 21 at 7pm PST.

In addition to the launch of Nectar, this Friday's update will include brand new versions of the beloved “It’s Okay To Decay” merch!

The fan-favorite shirts will now be available in 3 styles, in a size range from Women’s Small-Unisex 3XL. I’m proud to be offering more inclusive options in both style and size, and hope to continue to expand the range. As always, all shirts are ethically-made in the USA and hand-printed to order by yours truly.

The “It’s Okay To Decay Stickers” will be available in summer-themed colorized version for the very first time!


Select products from the Lepidoptera Collection will be 25% OFF!

Here's to Summer!

xo AJ

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