Springtime inspiration from the world of moths & butterflies

In the Pacific Northwest, the springtime is a welcome season of change. It may be temperamental and lacking in the steadfast sunshine of our summers, but it is a welcome reprieve from the perpetual grayness that holds us closely for half the year. To celebrate this time of transformation, reawakening and rebirth, I've looked to the insect world.

A 17th Century Vanitas Painting by Jacques Linard

Moths and butterflies have long been associated with the ephemerality of life. Their fragile bodies, metamorphosis from earth to air, and short lifespans made them a beloved symbol of the Vanitas movement in art history.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, funerary art stylings stepped away from the explicit depictions of mortality seen in the medieval Memento Mori tradition in favor of more symbolic still life compositions. Dancing skeletons gave way to wilted bouquets, snuffed out candles and bowls of rotting fruit. These symbols were all meant to remind to make a good and moral use of your short time on earth.

For the spring season, inspiration has been pulled from the Order Lepidoptera to curate and design new products. Some will be more literally interpreted, like the beautiful laser cut moth sets from Moth & Myth that will be available in the shop and adorning many photos. Some products will reference the colors and patterns of moth wings or the iridescent scales of a butterfly's. Still others will be more conceptually rooted in themes of death, migration, metamorphosis and entymology.

I'm excited to share it with you - here's to spring!

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