"This autumn feels like funeral to me

The longest song of grief

And not for what has passed

But for what shall last


May we see each other next time

So please, come back to celebrate this festival of life!"

"Perennial" - Jinjer

The time of preservation and decay is upon us; a season of creative destruction begins. Through a thinning veil we connect with ancestral memory and tradition.

To harvest means to gather in, to collect and store for future use. For me, the fall has always been a season of turning inwards. Like in a forest whose trees have all shed their leaves, things can be seen more clearly. Autumn is a time to pick and preserve what is good, and choose what we abandon to wither on the vine. As the world begins to sleep, so too begin the quiet stirrings of something yet to be.

The fall theme of HARVEST is inspired by broken earth and fallen leaves, abandoned and forgotten places, dried herbs and apothecary jars, grief and the ghosts of those who have gone before. It centers on timeless and textured materials like cotton and copper, wax and wood, linen and leather. It is the caw of the lonely crow, and the smoke that trails from a smoldering wick.

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

HARVEST will launch on Friday, Sep. 27th!

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