KALMA is 1 year old!

I’m so proud and grateful for all that we accomplished together in 2019. In December, I released a year-end survey to help guide KALMA’s growth in 2020. I’m so appreciative of your responses and am excited to share what’s changing, what’s new and what we’re hoping to expand.

When I talk about KALMA, I often describe it as “my great experiment and belief that good humanity is good business.” It shows in our values of empathy and empowerment. It shows in our ethical sourcing of goods. It shows through our passion for education and advocacy. When I receive feedback like this:

“You run a great business; your transparency and willingness to connect with customers and the deathling group make KALMA feel like a community establishment, not just an online store.”

...It makes me glow with gratitude and feel confident that we’re really making something special. I believe in always continuing to strive for growth, so here are some ways that we’re growing on a great 2019 in 2020:

Going Plastic-free & Increasing Sustainability

Since the beginning, KALMA has been a low-plastic/eco-friendly business and at your request we’re taking it to the next level. Our paper mailers are recycled and recyclable, our tape is recyclable, and both are Made in the USA. We use recyclable paper to wrap products and fill boxes. Our stationary is recyclable, and we encourage you to keep and display our notecards as art prints. Sticker packs now come in plant-based, compostable plastic sleeves. We’re working to improve our sustainability by sourcing more office supplies and materials locally, both supporting small neighbor-owned businesses and reducing the need for products (and their packaging) to be shipped to us. We’re also continuing our dedication to not sell plastic products (with the exception of vintage celluloid), and look forward to stocking more plastic alternatives.

More Practical Goods

The vision for KALMA always centered around practical goods - beautiful, well-crafted things that get you through your day. This year, we’ll be diversifying and expanding the product range for home and health goods, and offering some new and wonderful products for use in the kitchen, bed and bath.

More Accessible Shipping Pricing

Nobody likes paying for shipping - not even us. Shipping fees are actually one of KALMA’s greatest expenses, coming in at about 15% of our income. We’ve learned a lot about how to optimize shipping this year and have recently found a new vendor, both of which will reduce costs and make shipping more sustainable for everyone. While we’ve historically used only branded packaging, depending on your order, from now on you may receive it in a not-so-spooky USPS Flat Rate package.

More Content

According to the survey, you all want more Death Positivity, Dark Home Decor and Fashion, and behind-the-scenes content - and we’re happy to oblige. We’ll be producing more around these topics for the blog, as well as continuing the #SpookySpoonie and Deathling Faves series. Be sure to follow us on Facebook where we’ll be highlighting more content on these topics from other sources.

Happy New Year!

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