We are


- We carry products that respectfully engage with mortality and honor grief. 

- We source goods from estate sales to help families offset the cost of death and eldercare. 

- We care about the earth and the impacts of humans, dead and alive.

We are


- We prioritize durability and natural materials in handmade products. 

- We sell vintage goods that reduce waste and demand for new materials. 

- We operate as a low-plastic business and use no-waste packaging.

We are


- We support and stock independent makers.

- We stock products made in ethical workplaces.

- We embrace the diversity and right to respect of all humans. 

- Our products are size-inclusive, gender-inclusive, and encourage self-care.‚Äč

KALMA is proud to donate 10% of our profits in support of causes and organizations we care about. We have supported The Order of The Good Death, The American Civil Liberties Union, The Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood and The American Lung Association.